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Vastu: How to create team spirit at work place?

June 18, 2011

Learn how vastu dosha hampers the team spirit, coordination among each other? VastuShastri Khushdeep bansal tells how to control the situation with simple MahaVastu Remedies

Vastu defects causes departmental harrasments

June 18, 2011

Unwanted harrassments by Govt. Departments causes anxiety and troubles in business. VastuShastri Khushdeep Bansal tells in this video why one suffers regularly by Government harrassements. What vastu dosha causes departmental harrassments

Vastu: How to get peace of mind with Maha Vastu

June 18, 2011

Since centuries application vastu shastra has given peace of mind to people through temples in India. Now you can apply the same knowledge at your home to Get stable mind and peace of mind.

Vastu: How to attract Money with Maha Vastu

June 17, 2011

“Vastu attracts Money!” This factual experience has tuned many people to follow Vedic Wisdom in Modern life style also. VastuShastri Khushdeep Bansal shares the most effective Vastu fundamentals in this Video

Vastu – Money and Spirituality are two faces of same coin.

June 17, 2011

Very interesting and insightful videos, opening altogether a new vision and understanding about powers of transformation in External world (Money) and internal world (Spirituality)

Vastu or MahaVastu

June 1, 2011

Life, in itself, has undergone a sea change in the past three decades or so.  None of us wish to limit ourselves to mere survival, but lead an excellent life full of luxuries, fun, peace and prosperity. None of us is ready to waste our scarcely available time in rediscovering the wheel, but enjoy the speed of a Ferrari with our loved ones. Isn’t it?

We need to understand clearly the exact cause and effect relationship existing in our nature. We need to supplement our inherited knowledge with research-based facts and proven formulae to adapt it to contemporary life style. Then only it will become capable of serving to the changed level of desires. We must proceed from where our forefathers had left. Although kerosene fed lantern also give out light, but in the era of Nano-Technology, we must use latest technology for our age old beacons of light so that they continue to guide us in the modern scenario. Then only we can reap maximum benefits out of that knowledge and facilitate better life for generations to come.

MahaVastu™ is that supplement; that research-based latest technology; the latest and updated version of Vastu.

On the basis of more than 10000 successful Research Case Studies of MahaVastu, VastuShastri Khushdeep Bansal redefined the Effects of Buildings and Land on Human Life. Facts and Observations put forth by him prove very much Useful in Today’s world. MahaVastu is the name given to this Refined and Scientifically Distilled Knowledge(such as Vastu remedies) which enjoys the Highest Success Rate in the world, i.e., over 95%.

Besides recommendations for good quality of land and beneficial shape of a plot, there are certain must-follow guidelines in traditional Vaastu (knowledge). For example, Puja room and water boring must be in North-East; kitchen in South-East; head of the family should sleep in South-West; girls should sleep in North-West; and central space of the building must be open and vacant.

But, practically, VastuShastri Khushdeep Bansal found many people achieving highest levels of success despite their buildings not obeying these Vastu(or office Vastu) guidelines. So, he carried out a scientific research planned on observations and comparative studies. He documented all his findings and worked out the reasons behind all such, hitherto, exceptions to Vastu.

The VastuShastri, went yet a step ahead and explored how to use this knowledge, apart from problem solving, to manifest the desired goals in your life.

The system developed so reflects many contrasting features which clearly highlight how MahaVastu™ is the contemporary approach of Vastu.

That is why we say –
‘Yesterday, it was – Vastu;
Today, it is – MahaVastu‘.

Myth – Square Plots are Ideal for making Home

June 1, 2011

A square plots being ideal for making home is a widespread myth. Many people delay making their own home because they are in search of a square plot. In practice, we have found that square plots are found only in villages, where there is plenty of land. In well-developed and organised urban infrastructure, most plots are rectangular.

A commonly-held belief, that square plots are ideal is actually a myth. People living in perfect-square plots have never been found doing well in life. The MahaVastu team found that: ‘Any perfect space symbolises death; Imperfection causes the world to exist.’


As per Hindu mythology, the Earth is carried by the Shesh-Naag. This symbolic representation depicting the survival and evolution of life is—‘residue’ or ‘Shesh’ and ‘Naag’ meaning ‘serpent energy’. Further when we decode the symbolism, the serpent energy is found to reside inside the human body in the form of Kundalini. This pushes the residue (the seed and ovum) to create life on the planet.

Life is created out of the desire to achieve the Anandmaya Kosha. Those individuals, who took their consciousness to a different state/stage of completion, lost interest in creating a new life. So, as per Vastu Shastra, perfect square-shaped buildings are recommended only for meditation centres and religious practices, not homes and business places. So, it is always better to have rectangular plots in which to build your dream house.